Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On The World

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A millennial is a person born between 1981 and 1995, making the age range 20 to 35. There are 83 million millennials that make up the United States population, more than any other generation (Babin & Harris, p. 207). Not only are millennials the first digital natives, they are connected more socially, have less money to spend, are burdened with debt but also have different priorities. Millennials play video games, instant message, download music, watch television online and use social media more than Generation X and Baby Boomers. With forty-four percent using text messaging and thirty-eight percent using social media, millennials have a platform to reach the world the older generations never had. But these millennials have less money to spend and have more debt than ever before (Goldman Sachs, n.d.). Millennials can be considered a microculture, which is defined as a group of people that have similar values, tastes, interest and are included within a larger culture. The meaning of culture used here refers to the habits and idiosyncrasies of a group (Babin & Harris, p. 200). There are many different microcultures in the United States such as regional, sex role, age-based, generational, religious, ethnic, income and social class, and street groups (Babin & Harris, p. 203-213). Millennials would fall under the generational micorculture which include the Greatest Generation, anyone born before 1928. The Silent Generation follows with those born between 1928 and…

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