Social Medi A Huge Part Of Everyone 's Life Essay

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Social Media is a huge part of everyone’s life in today’s world. Social Media Impacts persons both personal and professional life. There are millions of people using Social Media every day. There are several Different Popular Social media sites, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. According to Pew Research Center 71% adult uses Facebook daily, 23% of adult uses twitter, 26% uses Instagram and 40% uses snapchat every day. People use Social Media for different purposes. Some People use Social Media sites to communicate with friends and family members, and it allows people to communicate with their friend or family living overseas. Some people uses Social Media sites to get daily news, and many times we get news faster on Social Media than new Channel. For example, Last semester I used to take CTA Blue line to go to UIC, but one day someone tried to commit suicide on the track so the CTA blue line was suspended for some time I show that news on Social Media before seeing on the news channel. Some people uses Social Media to entertain them self by watching funny videos and images. People often think Social Media as friendly and harmless, but there are many disadvantage of using Social Media. Social Media have major impact on our life. First of all
Social media is addictive. Study have shown that intensive use of social media impacts students grade. Social media also impact how person react and it also impact on person’s personality. Social media also causes…

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