Social Lens Essay

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CAUTHE 2007 Conference Tourism: Past Achievements, Future Challenges HOSPITALITY: A SOCIAL LENS: CHALLENGING THE EXISTING ORDER Paul Lynch University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom Alison Morrison University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom ABSTRACT This paper locates developments in hospitality research, notably relating to hospitality studies, in the context of Kuhn’s (1962) evolution of scientific theory. The paper highlights the development of the ‘hospitality lens’ by Lashley, Lynch and Morrison (2007) and suggests it can facilitate the study of hospitality in any social situation from a strengthened social scientific perspective. It is argued that the study of hospitality should be not just for understanding …show more content…
Further, this process is significant contributing: ‘valuable texture and structure to a maturing academic field, and is essential for progress’ (Morrison and O’Gorman, 2005: 455), and could well indicate the movement towards what Kuhn (1962) calls a ‘paradigm shift’. One illustration of this shift is the emergence, and growing acceptance, of a hospitality studies paradigm across thirty years (Slattery, 1983; Litteljohn, 1990; Jones, 2004). The aim of this paper is to provide insight into and understanding of the subject development of hospitality over the period of its theoretical evolution, with cognisance of the processes involved in knowledge construction, and its never-ending journey towards some ‘truth’. Specifically, it moves focus to the hospitality studies paradigm, reflecting on its connection to society as a whole, and the location of the world of business and management therein. It does so by introducing a ‘hospitality lens’ as a conceptual frame of reference; a portal through which to explore, analyse and reveal the many contexts, centrality and complexity of hospitality in society. The formulation of a hospitality lens drew on analysis of author chapter contributions to Lashley, Lynch and Morrison (2007) and demonstrates the ways in which different twists and

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