Essay on Social Intelligence And Human Intelligence

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Social intelligence is a construct used in a variety of literature. While non-academic literature takes a more liberal approach to this term, academic literature debates over defining this concept and whether or not social intelligence is intelligence. However, there is still conflict in defining intelligence (Legg & Hutter, 2007). There are multiple definitions of intelligence. Many of which have common elements, such as defining intelligence as a capacity to adapt to and interact with different environments, and an ability to reach goals (Legg & Hutter, 2007). Thorndike (1920) differentiated between different applications of intellect, based on whether it applied to objects, ideas, or people. Therefore, based in the common elements in definitions of intelligence, adaptability, interaction with environment, and an ability to reach goals would also apply in social contexts. Correspondingly, Weis and Süß (2005), the concept of human intelligence has expanded to include social, emotional and practical intelligence, based on the particular circumstances intelligence is applied to. Thorndike defined social intelligence as the ability to manage people and act wisely in social situations. However, there is still overlap of this construct, in terms of theory and assessment, with other types of intelligence, such as academic intelligence (Baumgarten, Süß, & Weis, 2015). Therefore, there is still debate on the validity of social intelligence as a distinct form of intelligence and,…

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