Social Institutions Essay

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Throughout the years there have been many social institutions that have made a dramatic impact on society; none more important than families. In today's modern industrialized societies, families carry out basic necessities that other social institutions cannot. Different skills such as responsibility can also be acquired from families where it can be applied to everyday life. Furthermore families in the past needed to be the most important social institution to ensure their survival. Since the pre-industrialized era, families are considered the most important social institution because they provide for our basic needs, teach us to acquire new skills, and assure our survival. Families in today's modern industrialized societies carry out …show more content…
Children may be taught responsibility through tasks such as taking care of sick family members by accompanying them or watching over a younger sibling. As they acquire responsibility they can apply it to other facets of life such as school and/or sports. Families also teach life skills such as sharing and the ability to be moral. The reason that families are capable of teaching these skills is because the ‘family' is the first social institution that children encounter. Families of the past and present are the most important social institution because of the acquisition of numerous skills.
In the past it was mandatory for families to be the most important social institution because it ensured their survival. During the Agricultural Revolution, about five thousand years ago, families were responsible for socializing their young without any help from other social institutions; due to the fact that the ‘family' was the only social institution that existed. As technologies advanced and the years progressed, family groups had to work together even harder to establish weekly or even monthly meals. The agricultural work done on the farm was also dependent on the season where winter gatherings would be substantially less than summer gatherings. Finally as more technologies advanced with the invention of the steam engine and many others, factories started to hire, promising wages for work that was done. These factories would find the workers

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