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There are several statuses that make someone who they are but, there is only one that can be the main ingredient in determining a person’s general social position. According to Everett Hughes (1945) Master status – is the most important status that a person occupies, most likely shaping a person’s life. Master status has the biggest impact on a person 's self-identity and appearance to others. People usually organize their life and identify around it depending on the master status in hand it can be a positive or negative status they hold. Being rich or poor is an example one or the other makes a huge impact on someone’s life which include health, education, and life opportunities. Historically the most common master statuses that women …show more content…
A social group is identified as a specific, identifiable person whereas a social institution is identified as a standardized way of doing something. If someone was talking about my family this would be singled out as mine so this is an example of social group however, if someone referred to family in general and apart of society as whole this would be an example of social institution. There are five functions of social institutions which consist of the family, religion, education, the economy, and the government. The first social institution is the family which is an important part of society because it forms induvial with values and norms. Children will adopt certain attitudes and actions from the family and will form a sense of culture and placement through one’s family from birth. Next we have religion which is important because this is where people endure one’s belief system and allows them to learn being taught important things such as faith, good virtues, and caring for others. The third social institution is education children can learn how to follow rules and obey those in authority however education is something that sticks with you even through adulthood in which it plays a huge part in society as a whole because it alters everyone’s individual life in some manner. Next we have the economy- in some countries this is managed by …show more content…
However, conflict theorist do not believe that the social institutions work for the common good of everyone in society. The conflict theorist feel that sometimes the families can be the problem and not the solution. Some children are abused, or neglected and arguments with parents or authority in household that results in contributing to running away and live on the streets. Traumatic incidents in families may trigger things such as fear, anxiety, and dread that contributes to homelessness among young people. I would have to agree with the conflict theorist’s view and outlooks. I grew up in a very toxic family which included abuse, neglect, loneliness, arguments, and traumatic incidents that left me with nothing but fear, anxiety in conclusion this soon led to me spiraling out of control landing me in legal trouble, a runaway, and homeless. I have no doubt in my mind that my family created my problems and were never the

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