Essay about Social Influences Of Social Influence

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Social influence is the process used by an individual or group to change the behavior or attitudes of others – and it occurs many times each and every day. Being able to recognize when social influence is occurring and why it takes place is a significant research area of social psychology. There is a wide variety of types of social influence, the most important being conformity, compliance, and obedience. By examining past experiences where social influence occurred, one can understand just how common the influence of others affects our behavior and can help recognize social influence attempts in the future. Like almost everybody, I experience instances of social influence consistently and have determined a specific occasion to evaluate.
Incident Description
During the fall semester of 2015, I was a member of a group of five students participating in a case competition being hosted by a large public accounting firm. Our task was to develop a solution to implement big data analysis techniques and changes to the business plan of a fictional company to maximize revenues and minimize costs. Our solution was made up of several complex proposals to the case and required efficient cooperating amongst my fellow team members. There were several incidents during my involvement in this project that I was subjected to social influence. Specifically, when our group was brainstorming ideas or collectively making changes and additions to our proposed solutions, I went along…

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