Social Implication In Sports

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Social Implications:
The social implication I have looked at is Ethics. Ethical is defined by (15) as “being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, especially the standards of a profession:” Now I will use Liza as an example again she cheated by using EPO, as this gave her an unfair advantage over her competition. I can say this is an ethical issue as she knew she was taking something that was not allowed and that her competitor weren 't allowed to take to improve her performance, which brings her morals as a person under scrutiny. By having poor morals it brings up the case of ‘how many other are taking performance enhancing drugs?’. Well it said Liza is only a part of 1% of people caught using
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This comes from an unknown person so I would rate this point invalid.
The second point is safety for the athletes which is from the same unreliable source ( (11)) when they say, “So if you concede that these drugs are here to stay in sports, wouldn 't the players be safer if they didn 't go to backroom hucksters with no medical background but rather to doctors who can prescribe and supervise usage according to a player 's medical history, physical condition and professional goals?”. Then a reliable source (Sharon Rayn proscon (12)) suggests the same thing when he says, Athletes are buying drugs from people like Victor Conte, who has no pharmaceutical or sports medicine credentials, and they are shooting up in locker room stalls.” He goes on to say it would be much better if PEDs were developed in my safe and reliable environments so the drugs created would be safer. Then from another reliable source gold medallist alpine skier Bode Miller says, “"I 'm surprised [EPO is] illegal, because in our sport, it would be pretty minimal health risks… because you 'd have less chance of making a mistake at the bottom and killing yourself.” So from this range of different people we can see that they believe safety for athletes would improve if PEDs
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From the different points given above it seems athletes are willing to do anything to get an edge on competition so they are going to dodgy drug dealers and “end up making a mistake at the bottom and killing yourself”, which isn 't good so I think if an athlete does want drugs they should be prescribed through a doctor or someone more qualified with dealing with drugs. Also no matter what people will be a disadvantages in one way or another so you can reduce this by calculating safe levels for hormones and other important parts that need to be tested to be at for their weight and height. This also evens the playing field genetically eg EPO allowing those born with less of the EPO hormone to get the same as their opposition. It is said by BBC the science of sport (9) that “The big problem for sports administrators is to find tests that are quick, cheap and accurate”. This could be solved if they didn 't have to worry about what the athlete had taken as long as they were within the safety restriction which would save time, money and stress. So this plan is plausible. Drugs like EPO are hard to control and hard to judge as what is cheating. As you get the same results from sleeping in oxygen tent and using EPO as stated in the for drugs to be legalised argument but just keeping it within safe levels means athletes can choose in which way they want to boost their EPO if they boost

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