Social Ending For To Kill A Mockingbird

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Creative Piece ~ To Kill A Mockingbird

~ Additional Chapter ~

After the tragic case that struck Maycomb – misery was spread, people became less social, and less talkative. Maycomb was built over a dominion tradition that would last for generations. There was a social tension between whoever favors colors over justice, people became furious about their segregation. the public started to understand Atticus’s point and how Maycomb needs a new era of peace and justice. As long as the Ewells and whoever back them up are alive, this tragic style of life will remain. The question is who can challenge these particular groups? A woman or Atticus himself?

Part one:

Rain drops heavily, clouds are gathering, winds are blowing. The first night
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Jem ran into Calpurnia and told her the details, who’s that girl and where is she from.

Calpurnia Greeted Visenya while the lunch was ready to be served:

“Well hello there, my name is Calpurnia”

They shook hands, Visenya:

“Hello, my name is Visenya, I have moved recently here”.


“Do you find it an interesting town? For a foreigner”


“It’s not a welcoming one, I feel like an outsider, somehow not accepted.”

Calpurnia turned her face around, like she is about to cry. Then she turned it back and
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And Mr. Finch was the defender lawyer. Afterwards, this town became a misery, they didn’t leave the Finch’s alone nor they became more secured from meeting new foreigners.

This grave news stunned Visenya so badly, she was speechless. Calpurnia was in tears, and Visenya asked her for some further details about this tragedy. Calpurnia explained everything to Visenya, and Visenya couldn’t believe this type of inhumanity. Thus, they had their lunch, and later on Visenya had to leave. She Thanked them all for their kindness, unfortunately Atticus couldn’t be there in time, but the children will tell him who was Visenya.


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