Social Discrimination In Zootopia

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Zootopia is about a bunny, Judy Hopps, who struggles to fit into the police force. She quickly discovers that Zootopia is not quite what she imagined. Ironically, she partners up with a fox, Nick Wilde, who stubbornly creates conflict between the two of them. The story is centered around a bunny named Judy Hopps whose dream is to become a cop. Usually, predators are the only animals that become cops, but she firmly believes that she can be just as good of a cop as any predator because they are all equal. She ends up being valedictorian of her class and getting a job in the heart of Zootopia, but it's not quite what she expects. This film's main message addresses stereotyping of all kinds. In this movie, the inequality …show more content…
This movie is a great example to help everyone realize the stereotypes, discrimination, and labels that we give to those around us. Not everyone is the same, and we can't judge them based on who they are or where they came from. In the movie, Zootopia has reflected stereotype, prejudice and discrimination cut both ways where preys are perceived as weak and incapable and it also shows preys that are small in size such as rabbits that are even more discriminated. On the other hand, predators are also perceived as dangerous and intimidating. Sociologically this explains that race is a group of animals who are aware to share the same biological traits and physical differences, Because of these perceptions, people make oversimplified stereotypes about the characteristics of an entire social group. More significantly, it affects the attitude they have for the other social group and are used to justify discriminatory acts. We have seen many important scenes of stereotypes and prejudices continuing to be maintained in Zootopia. First, the most obvious example is when Judy Hopps became the first rabbit to become a police officer and a valedictorian in her police academy. Next, the Clawhauser is a resident cheetah at ZPD with a jovial and friendly personality like no other. All these examples given shows that there are more varieties between social

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