Different Social Classes

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In my hometown, there are many places and areas that have different social class. I live in Wilmington Delaware and growing up in the city wasn’t easy. To create a roadmap to show the different social classes, I will like to start at my house and work my way around the city. I live on West 41st Street, where there is a small townhouse with a small backyard and front yard. As I leave my house I will guide you to the different streets and places around my home and in the city of Wilmington. To begin our journey, let’s start with my neighborhood called Market Street. Where you see McDonald’s restaurant as well as Checkers. One block ahead is a drama center called Wilmington Drama League. Around my neighborhood there are a lot of people walking …show more content…
The alleyways are dark where the street lights are dimmed. Around this neighborhood there are a lot of prostitutes. There are also food places such as Chinese, pizza, and food trucks. This area is always surrounded with police cars especially at night. Shootings are possible to happen at night or in the day. This area is considered dangerous and the opposite from where I live. After leaving north franklin street, you will run into a couple homeless people. They are out all throughout the day looking for people to help them out. There is a BP gas station where all the homeless people like to stay at night. They sometimes will stay in the back of overnight trucks to sleep off the night. This will underlie in the underclass where people are jobless and need help to survive. Overall this journey was a success because I saw different types of social class in Wilmington Delaware. To give you the insight of living in the city is where it is more of a middle class as well as living in the suburbs is more of an upper class shows the difference in social classes around here There are homeless trying to survive which can consider them in the underclass. To conclude this paper, below is giving maps of some of the destinations I

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