Essay on Social Class And Middle Class

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Creativity throughout the years has changed greatly. Whether it was due to a change in scenery because of the growing ease of travel and the ever developing architectural scene. Change based on the social class and the shrinking gap between the upper and middle class, or the differing gender roles of times considerably influenced the creativity in all of history, and still today. With all of this progress in creativity in the arts, music, literature and so on, it seems that we are reverting back to the standards of old restrictive times in the United States. Things like music lessons are becoming luxuries again. Going to school to become an artist or musician seems to be something reserved only for people that can afford to pay the hefty art school costs. Socially, even if you are able to afford to take part in these, it is looked at as frivolous, not a serious occupation, and something once again set aside for people with money. This is a massive problem for the reason that it restricts the vast majority of Americans from taking a part in “the arts”. Another subject matter that seems to have switched overnight is the gender role in the arts. Mostly in the more rural areas, but still is the more urban areas, in America it seems that things like instruments and art forms have taken on gender roles. Playing the piano or a woodwind instrument, becoming a photographer, going to art school, are all examples of things that have taken on, to the opinion of many…

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