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Social care governance is a framework for making sure that social care services provide excellent ethical standards of service and continue to improve them. Culture values, behaviours, decisions and processes are open to scrutiny as people develop safe and effective evidence-based practice. Good governance means that people recognise our accountability, people act on lessons learned and they are honest and open in seeking the best possible outcomes and results for society.
Social Care confronts enormous changes as local authorities and the efforts of health authorities have to deal with the heavy challenges of the Personalisation programme. Though, how can it be taken ahead in the present circumstances of important cuts in people’s
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The significant economic, social and cultural transforms are affecting the service users. The modern background of globalisation transmits with it economic, social, political and cultural transform which influence directly on professional practices. Good collaboration between service user and social worker can build an effective environment to understand social, economical and cultural transform which is necessary to deliver services in an effective manner. Social workers are involved in planning for and transferring the evaluation of requirements and supporting change into care. The very purpose of social work is to allow the service user to employ the social resources to meet their life tasks (Warren, 2007).

The announcement that privatisation and closure of the remainder of care homes in South Tyneside will supposedly free up resources is a fake argument. The cost of intermediate care schemes is expensive (in some cases over £600 per week). Services which target equality groups such as black and ethnic minority groups will be relatively expensive because high occupancy rates take time to be achieved. The entire debates about the future of residential care are bereft of financial analysis. There is no financial analysis, savings are not quantified and there is no indication of when, where and for how long savings will be available. In

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