Social Behavior, Crime, And Poor Parenting Essay examples

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Kaufman and Zigler (1987) estimated that around 30% of families repeat patterns of their childhood and intergenerational transmission is a major risk factor for next generation. To minimise risk of the repeating generational patterns of substance misuse, domestic violence, anti-social behaviour, crime and poor parenting, the Troubled Families programme was launched by the Prime Minister in 2011. The programme intended to reduce the high costs these families place on the public sector each year and in particular to improve children’s school attendance, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour as well as helping adults to get back to work (DfCaLG 2012) . Setting X has clear procedures of assessing and reporting ‘Troubled Families’ who are eligible for the government programme. An Early Help Assessment is carried out over few home visits with direct observation of the home environment and family members. According To SCR into death of Hamzah the house was ankle deep in rubbish there were lots of flies in the garden, because of the smell and neighbours complaint about Hutton as being always drunk and aggressive. However, EHA was never completed with the family as no one believed that any of the children were at risk. The report also states that ‘Any assessments were superficial and decisions made without a true picture of the family’ (BSCB, 2013, p.66).

Challenges and barriers

The serious case review into the death of Hamzah Khan has found that children’s social services in…

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