Social And Economic Factors Affecting The Environment Essay

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Social and economic factors are important determinants of indivisuals and populations wellbeing. The key social and economic factors that determine this are work, social status and education. It is important to understand these determinants in order to gain a insightful perspective of what holistically makes people healthy and well. The social gradient is another important aspect of the determinants of wellbeing which will be discussed in accordance with the interaction of these determinants. To understand the interactions of these determinents Dahlgrens and Whitehead (2011) Rainbow model in correspondence with Solar and Irwin (2007) model will be discussed to show how all determinants of wellbeing are interconnected. The discussion of interactions will be expanded on in an analysis explaining how actions on a number of social and economic determinents are needed to reduce the social gradient and achieve a good state of wellbeing.

The main determinants of welleing are in relation with the social and economic gradient of the World Health Organisation (2011). The determinants I identified as the main factors that affect both indivisuals at a micro level and populations at a macro level were work which included employment and income, social status and education. Keleher and MacDougall (2011) identified income in relation to social status in their discussions as a main influence of indivisuals and populations well being. In their discussion individuals with lower income are…

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