Social And Cultural Influence With Today 's Youth Essay

1045 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 5 Pages
There is a lot of social and cultural influence with today’s youth. Male or female; as they are being raised the influenced physical appearances of either sex is highly scrutinized and judged upon across the board. More so for women but regardless there is a significant amount of judgement on how someone should or should not look in order to be accepted in this day and age. Just on everyday media you can tell the ideal standard of beauty is plastered everywhere. On every billboard, on every commercial, every webpage, from every model and actor/actress. Beauty is everywhere and judged immensely and if not achieved it is advertised through products to improve it. Even for people that are considered beautiful sometimes it will never be enough and they can potentially achieve a higher beauty level which on its own is absurd. People aren’t raised anymore to be happy with themselves the way they are and the way they are born, their taught to improve their physique or cover their imperfections in order to have a front that shows this perfect ideal person that they are supposed to achieve. But these ideal perceptions of beauty vary based on sex and race. Typically, when you hear the subject about today’s media is influencing the youth’s ideal perception of their physical appearance, your immediate thought is that I am talking about women. Although it mostly influences women doesn’t necessarily mean that men are not affected by media in such a way. Now, men are by far less…

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