So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs From America Analysis

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Most would agree Land of opportunity, the free, and the brave would all be accurate assumptions of America. Although, some people do believe not everyone is treated as they should be. Legal or illegal Mexican immigrants are not always treated like “Americans.” Jimmy Santiago Baca expresses this in his poem, “So Mexicans are Taking Jobs from Americans.” Baca’s poem is about one of the false accusations Mexicans face when coming to America. The false accusations that immigrant Mexicans take American born citizens’ jobs. He then uses the ignorance of Americans, the mood he is writing, and the credibility of being a Hispanic in order to reveal the conflict between Americans and immigrant Mexicans. Jimmy Santiago Baca really hits native born Americans’ ignorance with an empowering mood and what is an immensely strong sarcasm. Native born Americans are complaining about Mexicans taking their jobs, but Baca explains that Mexicans are not running them out of a job. What Native born Americans are complaining about they have done on their own doing. Their actions, ignorant actions, led them to poverty, starving children, and unemployment (Baca339). This is not just an opinion either. George Borjas recorded a vast amount of …show more content…
This is shown by Baca’s several counts of sarcasm within the writing. Baca, virtually, is being a smart-aleck throughout his entire writing. He breaks it down as if Mexicans are forcing Native-born Americans out of their job by saying things such as, “And do you, gringo, take off your ring,/drop your wallet into a blanket/spread over the ground, and walk away” (339)? This extremely interesting form of mood really draws the reader in. Thus, through the mood and the passion shown in the poem the reader begins to understand the unfair conflicts Mexican immigrants face in

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