Snow Is One Of The Earth 's Most Beautiful And Ugliest Creations

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Snow is one of the Earth’s most beautiful and ugliest creations. When it first touches the ground unaffected, it’s a lovely white blanket that covers our world. However, it becomes a yucky black mushy mess as soon as we trample through it. Eventually we get tired of seeing it and hope the sun melts it all away. Its sort of like a relationship, which, in my mind, consists of three stages. First there’s the good times; everything seems to goes right and you’re all lovely dovely with the one you consider bae. Nothing could go wrong during this stage. Reality, unfortunately, won’t just allow these kind of situations. Eventually you’ll run into the second stage, the bad times. Your relationship can take a turn for the worse and you could end up losing the one you thought you loved the most. What seemed like a sure thing could easily become a war of hatred and despise. Many relationships end on this note. Nevertheless, those who managed to make it to the third stage, the ameliorate, have truly found love. Just like how new snow can cover the ugly snow, new good times can cover the bad times. At least that’s how I like to think of it. Too bad we don’t get snow here in Atlanta.
This train of thought was casually going through my mind before Mike, my best friend as well as my right hand man, bluntly interrupted me.
“What’s going on Tre,” he sat down beside me and said. ‘Whatcha doing, checking out the new transferred students?” “Nah, nothing like that. Just thinking about…

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