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Snorkeling Bahamas
Experience The Best Snorkeling In Bahamas
The Bahamas stellar beaches are Paradise on the Earth. Tourists from all around the world come here tempted by white and in some locations pink silky sand and azure warm sea.
Snorkeling in the Bahamas beckons a vast number of people by its blue crystal-clear water, which is mostly serene, and endless lines of exuberant coral reefs with rich marine life. Bahamas snorkeling is the perfect choice for both newcomers and snorkeling & diving professionals. Shoal coral reefs and transparent water surrounding each island greatly fit first-timers. Veterans will be excited by exploring plenty of blue holes and shipwrecks with their peerless underwater world.
Bahamas Must See List
Coral reefs
All Bahamas out islands are abundant with lush coral
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Atlantic Spotted Dolphins can be met at the South, close to Orange Cay, and at the North of Bimini Islands on the daily basis. These friendly mammals may be also encountered at the Andros Island.
Scuba diving Bahamas Blue Holes
Diving in the Bahamas is not completed without exploring a couple of enigmatic blue holes.
Dean’s Blue Hole located at the Long Island is the deepest one in the world. All Bahamas Islands are peppered with mysterious blue holes, but the greatest number of these nature miracles are concentrated around the Andros Island.
Diving Bahamas Shipwrecks
Scuba diving bahamas featured by lots of wrecks diffused around the islands. Exploring sunken ships is always a big adventure – excellent chance to touch a history while watching captivating undersea life.
The Abacos Islands will introduce you the wreck of San Jacinto which is the first steamship built in the USA. Currently, this ship with the length of 234 feet rests on the sea floor at a depth of 40 feet. Diving in the Abacos provides unique odds to see also Train Wreck in about 20 feet of water – evidence of barge crash in

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