Smoking Cigarettes Should Be Illegal Essay

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A topic that was become highly controversial and sparked debated over the past couple of decades has been smoking tobacco. With an increasing number of studies showing and validating that smoking is harmful to you, many people, the majority being non-smokers, believe that there should be some sort of ban on smoking cigarettes, or even making it illegal. However, every topic has an opposing side and contrary to the thought of banning smoking, a large number of people still think that there should be no law forbidding smoking. A large number of the people who fall into that category are the stakeholders for tobacco. Stakeholders play a large roll in the decision of the topic, as well. Stakeholders for tobacco disagree that smoking cigarettes should be illegal because they benefit from the smokers using tobacco; however, stakeholders against the use of tobacco believe that smoking should be illegal for numerous reasons.
The two photos that were chosen are used to represent each side of the argument for this topic; through these photos, the stakeholders for the respective side are shown. The first photo of the elderly man having his lungs evaluated is used to express the side that supports that smoking tobacco is harmful for your health. Within this picture, the most substantial stakeholder is portrayed; the health care system and medical field. Tobacco smoke is very harmful to one’s
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health and can cause cancer and heart disease, among other things. Around the world,…

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