Volkswagen Pollution Essay

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Pollution in the United States is on the verge of the extreme and this is caused by Exhaust gases from cars, which shifts the climate change and with high excesses of air pollution, can cause health problems down the road. Recently in the news, Volkswagen has made the news for cheating their emission test for their diesel line. Why do we care? The United States of America has set regulations on how much a car exhaust can pollute, with this being said; each car company has to make the regulations that are assigned by EPA. With the regulations given by EPA, it lowers and chances of high pollution being spread through the air. Volkswagen planted this device in their cars (Diesels only) that would basically give off a different number then what …show more content…
This sets the standards for all car companies now, that if you cheat a test, eventually you will get caught and fined heavily. The exhaust in the diesel cars is causing more pollution than what their papers say. Each car company displays the fuel regulations each car has, their ratings and where they stand when it comes to smog pollution. Volkswagen was displaying that when it came to smog pollution, they were 8 out 10 of making less, but on the actual test, Volkswagen was making double the smog and ultimately lying to the people. Safety is the number 1 focus for anyone with this scandal, Volkswagen’s president stepped down, they were fined millions of dollars for cheating their test, Losing their top sales spot to Toyota. With more pollution being made, this can cause major health problems down the road and causes the climate to change. Since the scandals, Top car companies like Honda, GMC, Ford have all called back cars because some of their equipment was damaged or like Volkswagen, cheated the system and didn’t want to lose money and being fined along the way. Climate changed is another factor that is caused by pollution. Ever notice why it’s much hotter than last year, stronger weather, bug outbreaks or more increase of

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