Smartphones And The Galaxy Brand Boom Sense The Invention Of Android Software System

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Depending on what you like in a cell phone and how you navigate through applications will sway you towards either an Apple or a Galaxy phone. Cells phones nowadays have so much in them there is really no reason for a computer. I will refer to these two phones as smart phones for the duration of the essay. These smartphones have taken over the industry and are each other biggest competitors. When Galaxy release a new phone, a few weeks later Apple releases one as well. It could be the same phone but have a different variation to it. During this essay I am going compare and contrast the Apple smartphone and the Galaxy smartphone.
The Galaxy brand boom sense the invention of android software system in smartphones. According to (Simon, 2013), Samsung Galaxy accounts for 22 percent of the market. He also went on to say, out all of the other smartphone manufactures Samsung Galaxy are responsible for 42 percent of the shipments. This is big due to the fact that there are other competitors in the world that uses the Android system. Samsung produced phones such as the Galaxy S1-S6s. They have also produced smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 1-5. It took a long time until Samsung got the phone right. It went through 50 different phones before the release of the Galaxy S1 (Simon, 2013). At the time of the release of the S1, the Galaxy brand was not considered competition to the other phones out there. After selling more than 24 million phones, all the other…

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