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Apple was founded in 1976 by college dropouts, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in, Santa Clara Valley, California. When Jobs ' first sale of 50 units came they both build Apple I in Jobs garage and sold it without a monitor, keyboard or casing. With such high demand for the product, this convinced Jobs that there was a market for small computers. With its different and unique name and user-friendly computer the company was set apart from others.
Wozniak added the keyboard, color monitor and eight peripheral device slots, which gave the machine to have third-party devices added on and software in 1977. Sales increased immensely from $7.8 million in 1978 to $117 million in 1980, Apple went public that same year. Three
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For example maybe lowering their prices, by either lowering their direct labor or direct materials or lowering their profit margins. Making the Apple Watch work when you don 't have your IPhone, or even making the watch compatible to other devices. Even though from a chart, figure 3 in business insider only 49% of people could buy they watch if t was below 300 dollars. 35% of people surveyed wouldn’t buy the watch regardless of the price.
Figure 3: Discussion
Apple has been great with their products from their very successful iPhone to their new Apple Watch. From there IPhone 6s just coming out a couple months ago and sales rocking, because of their new color "rose gold". The new color sold out quickly with some people having to wait 2-3 weeks for their new phones. IPhone 6s starts at $649 and the 6s plus is $749. IPad sales have been decreasing for Apple these last couple of quarters and they hope to make up with their new IPad; Apple IPad Pro. The new bigger and slimmer iPad that is the size of a mac 12.9 inches and a mac is 13inc the price for IPad Pro start at $799. The new a bigger size is great but Apple also introduced the Apple Pen for $99. It’s simply what it sounds like a pen you can use on an iPad. IMac or Mac Book Pro or anything in between, Apple has transformed what we call computers

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