Compare And Contrast Slumdog Millionaire

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The Republic of India is a country located in the South of Asia. With its more than 1, 2 billion people, making it the world`s second most populous country. There is a big issue in the Indian society, obviously there is a huge gap between poor and rich. This huge gap between poor and rich is brilliantly shown in Danny Boyle`s 2009 British Indian film Slumdog Millionaire. The film takes place in Mumbai, there we follow Jamal Malik, as he tries winning the Indian version of ``who wants to be a millionaire``. The present text will focus on the development of the two main characters Jamal and Salim.
The film introduces us to the eighteen-year-old Indian boy named Jamal Malik. He is being interrogated by the police because they think he cheated on the Indian version of ``who wants to be a millionaire``. Because of this even us, viewers think of him as an uneducated
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Both play tricks and want to have fun, but afterwards they develop into different persons. After their mother`s death Salim being the older brother becomes the head of the family now, and takes responsibility for Jamal. Afterwards, Jamal encounters little Latika in the pouring rain, in this particular scene the film shows how truly different the two brothers are. Jamal shows her kindness and benevolence by offering her to sleep under the roof with them, compared with Salim who refuses here to sleep under the roof. The three of them later on end up working for a man named Maman. Under Maman`s care Salim becomes rougher, louder and more wicked and fearless than Jamal, and is quickly given a leader like position by Maman. Even though Salim obeys every order that is given to him, he still looks out for his younger brother. For example, he does a bold act and disobeys Maman`s orders by saving Jamal, here Salim shows courage , but later in the same scene he becomes evil towards Latika by letting her hand go when they are

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