What Should A Billionaire Give Analysis

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Peter Singer’s essay “What Should a Billionaire Give” discusses the harsh truth of global poverty that many individuals suffer through due to living in a developing country. In his essay, he tells the story of Bill and Melinda Gates making the decision to take it upon themselves and donate to those in need via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For any human, it is his or her civic obligation to care about the needs of others, whether the needs are physiological or based on safety. In order to provide for the basic needs of the poor, it is vital to understand how individuals respond to poverty, how war affects poverty, and how poverty can be related to psychology.

In the essay, Singer references Bill Gates' confusion
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For example, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid points out needs, such as basic, psychological, and self-fulfillment, that must be met consecutively (McLeod). Without the basic needs being met, there is no motivation for an individual or a country to achieve psychological or self-fulfilling needs. Along with that, the lack of safety inside of Syria due to their civil war does not allow for the basic safety needs that Maslow describes as necessary to achieving one's full potential. Denmark is a self-fulfilling nation, and that is why it is able to support Syrians with donations that can provide for the basic needs of the individuals inhabiting the country. Likewise, a country’s inability to afford vaccines for individuals also conflicts with Maslow’s pyramid because vaccines save millions of lives, thus helping complete the basic needs of a country. A country is a single source made of individuals, and in order to be a self-fulfilling country, the individuals must also be self-fulfilling. This cannot happen unless all of the previous needs, such as basic and psychological, are

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