Hard Lesson In Sleep For Teenagers Analysis

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Americans will spend $15 billion dollars per year to help cure their sleep problems or even try to (Behrens and Rosen 461). According to Behrens and Rosen “Up to forty million Americans suffer from sleep disruptions that trigger serious health risks, which include cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression” (Behrens and Rosen 461). Not getting enough sleep (eight hours minimum) can cause a lot of problems in a teen’s life. Sometimes not all getting enough sleep can kill young adults. Young adults that are driving need to pay attention to if they are sleepy or not because if they are they need to pull over somewhere and get the rest they need. William Dement and Christopher Vaughan talk about a friend that had a bicycle race that had lasted …show more content…
The sleep that you don’t get at night time when you are supposed to get it can result in mood swings, anxiety attacks, and depression frequently, said Dr. Raymond (Choi A06). In “Hard Lesson in Sleep for Teenagers”, Brody says sleep deprivation can have negative effects on teenager’s moods. When I don’t get enough the eight hours of sleep I need I get very irritated with my mom, dad, and grandparents. Not too long ago I got into a conflict with my mom because I didn’t get enough sleep for a whole weekend and I started to yell at her, I was mad at her but she just kept talking and I just wanted to get my rest. “Inadequate sleep raises the risk of depression, and sleeping less than eight hours a night has been linked to a nearly threefold increased risk of suicide attempts” (Brody D5). When I am sleepy I try to stay away from people I care about because I get really mad and upset when people come talk to me and I will say things I don’t mean and it hurts their feelings and I start to feel bad about it. Now I try to sleep at least get eight hours of sleep at night so that during the day when people do talk to me I can talk back without having an attitude or getting …show more content…
If school times did change to maybe 10 o’clock in the morning instead of 8, then teens would get more sleep and would be less likely to be sleep deprived. For me if I didn’t have to go to class until 11 o’clock and got out by 4, I would feel very refreshed and wouldn’t be so sleepy for the next day in class. This information is important because teens need to get more sleep than they do because there are so many people who physically and emotionally go through things. The problem of inadequate sleep affects more segments of our society than adolescents; however, adolescents appear ear to be particularly vulnerable and face difficult challenges for obtaining sufficient sleep (Carskadon 494). Most students aren’t getting enough sleep because they go out with friends, they have jobs, or just a lot of school work they have to complete before they go back to school and that causes them to go through sleep deprivation. Other solutions that could be offered are trying to do work when students have free time or going to bed early and getting up early to finish work a student needs to complete for school. Students should get enough sleep because teens should never have to feel emotional, or physically hurt because they’re not getting enough

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