Sleep Is An Important Part Of Living A Healthy Life Essay

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Sleep is a natural state where the mind is unconnected from the rest of the world. It is where stress is relieved from the mind. Most people are unaware of the different effects that sleep may have on the body and mind other than rejuvenation. In the TED Talk, “How Your ‘Working Memory’ Makes Sense of the World”, Peter Doolittle talks about how the “working memory” is useful and important to understanding and interpreting of the surroundings of the world. Doolittle performs small tests and explains some examples of how important our memory is, and how much it is used. The importance of the brain to human survival gives the curiosity to understand what effects and changes the way that the average human uses their brain. Sleep is an important part of living a healthy life, but the effects of sleep on memory and learning ability are dependent on many different factors.
The curiosity of the remarkable capabilities of the brain has initiated many professors and scientists to study and test the importance that sleep has on the brain. The ability to memorize and the ability to learn are two of the main functions of the brain; therefore they are very essential to living. REM and SWS are the two main stages of sleep. The acronyms stand for “rapid eye movement” and “slow wave sleep”. According to Robert Stickgold, assistant professor of psychiatry, “these stages appear to have two different functions” (Black 1). These two stages are what scientists and professors are looking into for…

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