Sleep Deprivation : Causes And Effects Essay

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Sleep deprivation is when an individual fails to get enough sleep over a long period of time. There are many factors in everyday life that can contribute to sleep deprivation. It could be school, work, or children if the individual has any. Any age group or gender can experience the mental and physical health effects of sleep deprivation which could be, difficulty remembering, weight gain and decreased performance. Many people struggle with managing their time so that they are able to get enough sleep and still be able to finish everything that they need to get done during their day along with being able to have free time. Many people believe that it is normal to not have enough rest, but don’t understand how serious it is to not get enough sleep and how in some cases sleep deprivation can result in death. Sleep deprivation can be caused by a number of reasons. One reason is excessive noise. For example, living in front of a busy street and constantly hearing noises such as airplanes, horns, cars, police sirens, loud music, or people talking. Stress plays a big role in sleep deprivation. For teenagers, it could be having a lot of homework to complete or having a job and struggling to balance school and homework along with friends and lastly having a phone by you and constantly checking social media or talking to a friend throughout the night. For young adults, it could be sharing a dorm with other people and constantly hearing noise while sleeping or doing homework, or just…

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