Abraham Lincoln: The Cause Of The Civil War

The United States was divided between north and south before their separation and the beginning of the civil war. The Southern states that comprised during the Civil War were South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina. These states wanted their own democracy on keeping their slaves and their power. Slaves were in high demand in these plantations and most of them were African Americans. Owners in these states could not stand the idea of losing their slaves, and some movements were formed to advocate for their liberation posed a threat to these people who made use of the slaves’ labor.
These southern states were united by a union which governed them of their power. They
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His election posed a threat to the people, whereby they felt that the government was overstepping their mandate by fighting for the rights of the slaves. The states did not like the way things were being run, and it was evident that Abraham Lincoln was anti-slavery; Lincoln favors the northern states views on slavery by giving them a chance. Southern states were opposed that Lincoln interests was to support their idea of having slaves, but instead Lincoln went against them. For this reason, these states lost confidence in him and decided to start their states which they could be ruled the best way they knew how by a government of their choice. Abraham Lincoln was against the expansion of the use of slaves, and this irritated the southern states because they were pro-slavery and could not do without the …show more content…
Slaves played a major role in causing the Civil War. Slaves worked on the settler’s plantations and did a lot of the southern states work. Southern states liked the slaves because they offered free labor, which was in most cases forced. By forcing the slaves to work, Northern states formed a movement which was meant to help them escape from their agony and pain. These kinds of plans to free the slaves created conflicts between states which led to the beginning of civil war. The election of a president who supported the freedom of slaves was an enemy of the people, which again resulted in separation of the nation. People in the southern states felt that the leadership did not have their interests at heart by advocating for the slave 's liberty. Slavery should not have become centralized as the reason why states seceded considering that other issues of importance could have caused that eventuality. Issues of taxation of states by the population and inclusion of slaves in the process could have been a better reason for the states to secede and begin the war. South Carolina separated from the other states for this reason which was justified considering that it could have affected their slaves. This again brings back the issue of slavery, which convinces individuals that indeed slavery was the main reason for southern states to secede and start a civil

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