Essay Slavery Is The Main Cause Of The Civil War

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There is a belief held in the minds of many individuals of today that stand believing that slavery was indeed a cause of the Civil War, but this statement is not always reinforced as the main cause. Using the term “slavery” is seen as the answer used to hide the true cause. Slavery is often called the ‘simple’ answer. Many historians seem to believe that, while it is taught in the American education system to think slavery is the main cause for the Civil War, there is a more complex reality. When discussed, slavery is the scapegoat for the arguments behind states’ rights, differences in economic infrastructures, and cultural divergences rather than focusing on the the obvious effects of slavery: racism, oppression, and systemic white privilege; all leading to the culmination of American democracy.
Not to believe that there are not arguments about economic systems states’ rights are mentioned, but in these documents it is clear that it was differences in slave and non-slave economies, laws about the obligation of Northern states to return slaves to their owners when they escape, and states’ rights to determine the legal status of black people that drove Southern states to secede, setting off and causing the Civil War. Take, for example, South Carolina’s Declaration for Secession, which declares that:

“The right of property in slaves was recognized by giving to free persons distinct political rights, by giving them the right to represent, and [burdening] them with direct…

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