Dolores Huerta In American History

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All throughout American History we have been taught about the Slavery, Civil rights movements, the presidents and many many wars. But, something that is always very much overlooked has been Dolores Huerta and Mexican American history in general. I believe that the knowledge to understand and to know who is Dolores and What she did to offer the Mexicans in the United States is something essential to fully understand the entirety of American History. Which sadly, like I mentioned before is something that is often overlooked. Many say History has the tendency to repeat itself, and that it runs in different cycles for example, in today’s world we are once again struggling with how Latinos are being treated here in the United States due to Elected …show more content…
If her mother hadn’t instilled the beliefs she did into her, what would have happened to all those farm workers and families that suffered for so long? I truly admire Dolores Huerta for the things she did and the way she went about doing them. She has earned respect from various president left and right and that I can say not many women have accomplished let alone Mexican-American women. Many girls grow up admiring and looking up to models and actresses and wanting to be like them. But, when I learned about Dolores Huerta when I was 12 years she changed my thoughts completely on feminism and the rights women are SUPPOSE to have compared to men across the globe. Dolores Huerta not only change my point of view on feminism but, she also helped me to nurture, for the people that can’t afford to do it their selves. Her aspirations of succeeding in life and reaching her multiple goals only push a Latin-American woman like myself to strive harder and life and to show that women are capable of accomplish great things in this world. She changed history and now its Latinas like myself to show her that she has changed only history of the past but, the future as

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