Slavery And The Development Of Capitalism Essay

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Slavery is where people are allowed to own other humans and are classified as the possessor of the property to be bought, sold, and owned. While a person is enslaved, the owner is designated to the production of the slave’s labour, without any commission (Chengu, 2015). The significance of slavery to the development of capitalism is for many different reasons that happened from the 1770s to the early 1900s and so on. Slavery is one of the main factors that modern capitalism exists today, as it led to it. The modernity, profitability, expansiveness, and centrality to capitalism of slavery are some reasons how it led to capitalism in the United States (Beckert, 2014). Also, the Civil War is intertwined with slavery and capitalism as well, as it led to more products being sold. Finally, capitalism itself would not have been possible without slavery because one is based on free labour and the other is on forced labour. For these reasons, slavery received it start from capitalism.
To begin, as stated above, slavery and capitalism have a strong connection, as one received its start from the other. One of the reasons they are connected is because the slaves grew cotton in the early nineteenth century and oil was in the twentieth century, and this led the United States to seize control of the world market for these products. Due to the cotton, America owes it existence as a first world nation to slavery. The real thought behind slavery is economics. Rich, white Europeans needed…

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