Capitalism In Roger And Me By Michael Moore

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What is capitalism? Now a days the word “capitalism” is thrown around a lot, and many people describe it differently. Capitalism is a term used to portray the economic system we use today; it’s a system that builds the foundation of our country and a system that purely works for profit. The documentary “Roger and Me” showcases an Ex-journalist Michael Moore on the road to receive more answers on Flint, Michigan and the sudden closing of its General Motors auto plants. With over 30,000 people out of work, the documentary illustrates why our society is critically flawed and how by revealing the true face of capitalism.
Moore begins his documentary showcasing home videos; in a voice over Moore describes himself as “kind of a strange child”, and son of a General Motors AC spark plugs assembly line employee. Moore spotlights how GM defined his childhood while growing up in flint, supplying jobs to his family for generations and being the economic and social hub of the town. The fuel for Moore to expose Roger, was from the damaged that he had caused to his hometown and people within. After
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The closing of plants in Flint was a plan constructed to manipulate their profit and make more. Why close plants when you’re making profit? By closing eleven plants in Flint, GM was going to open eleven more in Mexico and pay foreign workers cents compared to dollars for Flint workers. Then using the money saved in Mexico from the low waged labor, GM could invest more money in other companies like high grade tech firms or weapon manufactures, generally their plan was to take over more industries. GM didn’t agree with what Moore had said, but made statements mentioning competition and bankruptcy as their reason for closing “GM wouldn’t be doing anybody any service if it goes bankrupt, it has to do what it has to do to stay competitive in today’s economic climate” – Tom K. A GM

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