Slavery And Its Effects On African Americans Essay

1434 Words May 6th, 2015 null Page
Imagine a place in America where people’s dreams come true. They can live on land where they can experience the paradise, living a lavish life where the people can have freedom. As Jesus spoke about Heaven that “a new heaven and a new earth” will given to the righteous men who believe in Him and submit to His commands (Revelation 21:1-7). In his words, he promised every individual to “carry up their cross and follow Him” as he endured hardship. As a Christian, a man has to face the odds when others persecute his beliefs. Similarly, the Paradise Jesus had promised for his people have been intentionally sabotaged for African Americans where their lavish lifestyle was traded for injustice, hardship, and bondage by Europeans and White Americans. That’s not paradise; it is called slavery.
Slavery has created a dysfunctional relationship between whites and African Americans. In today 's society, many African Americans are living with the curse of slavery, where white supremacy underscores freedom rights of African Americans. Racism remarks about African Americans being criminals, poor, and inferior, has affected the African American communities; it 's no wonder why African Americans have become spiritually and socially displaced from society. Even as God 's people have been exiled, it shows that suffering and stereotypical images have scarred the image of man. However, African Americans have retaliated through Christians beliefs, believing that God loves them in the midst of their…

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