Slavery : An Unethical Action Essay

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The word slavery tends to rouse images of Africans as servants. Slavery can be defined as the systematic practice of the removal of individual rights and being completely subject to someone more powerful. Slavery is seen as an unethical action due to how it exploited and degraded human beings, and left a legacy of discrimination. Slave trade ships were used as business cargos of human trafficking. Literature works such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin were important influences for citizens because it compared and contrasted the lifestyle of a slave versus the slave-owner. The Slave Pen had visitors expressed disgusted faces at the sight of slave auctions and holding pens in the capital of the nation. Debates about slavery arose, some individuals claimed that ending this abomination would provide safety while others seek and defended that slavery was beneficial for the slaves and the owners. Since its origin, slavery has been represented as a deceitful work. Slave ships spent several months travelling to different parts of the coast, buying their cargo. The captives were often in poor health from the physical and mental abuse they had suffered. They were captured and brought on board, then were examined from head to toe by crew members. The illustration displayed ships specifically designed for slaves. Men, women and children were crammed into every available space, which denied adequate room, food or breathing space. The stench was atrocious; the atmosphere inhumane. The…

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