Sks7000-8 Assignment 3 Essay

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The XYZ Construction Inc. located in Denver, Colorado is planning to expand operations in Asia. In order to be able to do expansion in Asia the XYZ Construction Inc. needs to find out more about the ethical and social issues that may affect the business, project managers and engineers. Moreover, the XYZ Construction Inc. may need to train staff or hire a staff that would fit the culture.
Ethical and social issues within the global market of Asia
South Asia is one of the most densely populated regions of the world, where despite a slow growth, agriculture remains the backbone of rural economy as it employs one half to over 90 percent of the labor force. Both extensive and intensive policy measures for agriculture
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Literature on how agricultural technological change affected poor farmers has been reviewed elsewhere (Evenson and Gollin 2003). The critics of the green revolution argued that the main adopters of new technologies were the owners of large farms; who being rich, had better access to irrigation water, fertilizers, seeds, and credit. Small farmers, on the other hand, had to compete with lower product prices of the green revolution beneficiaries. Besides, higher input prices and increase in rents of the lands from the landlords forced them off the land. A number of village and household studies conducted soon after the release of the green revolution technologies portray the dismal scenario for the small farmers (Hazell 2003). When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Asia is quickly becoming a leader in the region,as Japanese businesses undergo international influences. According to CSR academic leaders and practitioners this is a welcome progression. There have been a number of positive changes to Asia business ethics; however, there is still some areas where there certainly remains a need for more improvement. There is a growing awareness and concern for the environment not seen a decade ago. There are shifts towards better treatment of employees, and Asia is now the top

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