The History Of My Skin Game Analysis

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Task I.

If I could, I would rename Part One of Skin Game “The History of My Skin.” This would be a good title for this section because it it gives a the most background on Caroline Kettlewell’s life. It describes her struggle with anorexia and self-mutilation, her sort of broken family background, and her teenage years.
Then I would title the final chapter “Closing Wounds.” This chapter is very short, but packs an emotional punch. It talks about how she just stopped one day, that after two decades, her need to cut ran its course and sometimes leaves her begging for the blade to the day. As it is the last chapter and about the end of her obsession, I feel that my suggested title is very appropriate.

Task II.

“Skin has a good memory. Skin
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Some people self-harm because they see no way out of their current sadness but to punish themselves, while others do it because of a mental disorder or even bullying. Now, for it to go on for a very long time, it is very likely that they actually do despise existence or have a serious mental disorder. There are a lot of people that claim that teenage girls do it for attention, which does happen. But it is actually a small percent that have reported self-harming simply to get attention.

Why is self-mutilation seen as something only females
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According to studies, “30%-40% of people who self-injure are males” (Caicedo 1). People do not want to harm the idea of masculinity, so they simply state, without fact, that only females self-harm. Although it is much more common in teenage girls, 30%-40% is a big number,

Do parents convince themselves that it is just a phase, or do they immediately see it as a problem?

Parents can be jaded and just think that their child is going through a phase. This is very dangerous because if ignored, children that self-harm may go further. The parents that assess the situation and take action often will have better outcomes with their children. Will not stepping in keep you from thinking about it? Will not taking action protect the image of a parent?

Why haven’t we as a population, done more research or more to help at risk teens?

Self-harm is a difficult topic to really study, as there are many different forms of it. The also isn’t really a good way to get a number on the people that do it. Most people are ashamed of self-mutilation, so they will not admit to it. Since 2012, research has not been updated very much, but articles do come out on it. We know that it has become a problem in the past years, but we cannot find new ways to really combat

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