The Knight Family: A Career As A Social Worker

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A. I received the Knight family as a referral. As a social worker the skills I would use to begin working with them would be “Preparatory reviewing, preparatory exploring, preparatory consulting, preparatory arranging, preparatory empathy, preparatory self- exploration, centering, preliminary planning and recording” (Cournoyer, 2010). In order to do preparatory review, I will take in consideration the information provided to me by David Tidwell. Mr. Tidwell, a hospital social worker, received information from Danielle Knight. I will learn about the family and any issues they may be dealing with. I detected that Mason Knight has a series congenital heart defect. Macy Knight has become hostile and aggressive. Andrew Knight is physically and emotionally …show more content…
What is the overall purpose? What do I hope to accomplish through this meeting? How would I like this meeting to end?” (Cournoyer, 2010).
B. I will present myself as a professional by dressing appropriately. I will do so by dressing in business attire to match my personal appearance. I will make sure that my clothing is comfortable and not too tight or too loose. I will treat my clients with the respect they deserve. I will show good communication skills by being an effective listener and speaking clearly. I will make sure to smile to be approachable. I will display good body language. If I am sitting, I will keep my hands in my lap.
C. There are five stages of initial engagement which includes relieving initial anxiety, eliciting problem language, working toward consensus, focusing on interactional mechanisms, and reaching a treatment contract (Swrk 400, Fall 2015). I am going to relieve initial anxiety by establishing a safe, non-threating relationship with my clients. I will describe my initial purpose and ask them how they feel about attending the
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I will also ask them to explain what problems they believe brought them here today. I will observe the reactions of each family member responses. As a social worker, my objective would be to engage the family in a new way of interacting with each other and their problem (Swrk 400, Fall 2015).
To work towards problem consensus, I will begin to create a solution based on motives within the problem language already elicited (Swrk 400, Fall 2015). I will utilize circular questioning by trying to get them to come to an understanding of what the problem

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