Situational Analysis: The Ford Pinto

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Introduction and situational analysis
In August 1970 Ford introduced the Pinto. According to Mark Dowie; “Iacocca argued forcefully that Volkswagen and the Japanese were going to capture the entire American subcompact market unless Ford put out its alternative to the VW Beetle (Dowie p.1) So to keep up with the Japanese; Iacocca ordered the designed of the Pinto. He did not want to wait he wanted the cars ready in 1971. Since the engineer was on a short deadline, some of the cars parts were made and installed before tested. In the production of the Ford Pinto, many workers had safety concerns. According to; "That person would have been fired. Safety wasn 't a popular subject around Ford in those days. Whenever a problem was raised
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The emergency shareholders would include firefighter, police, ambulance, and the emergency room. The Ford company stakeholder affected are the corporate entity, the executive, the employees, and the shareholders. The executive anticipated that there was going to be legal repercussions and found it would be cheaper to fight allegations than do any changes to the car. The engineers, employees, shareholders, and other profiting stakeholders benefited financially from the executive. They knowledgeable shareholders were equally morally responsible for the decision …show more content…
The clash between two opposing cultural perspectives. The Ford corporate culture mindset which set on making the most money. The ethical perspective is a human life is above an economic profit. You would think it is wrong to take a person life because they want to make a profit. Taking a human life is a very punishable crime, the white collar crime usually overlooked in different than an individual who committed a homicide. Any corporation’s legal has an obligation to prioritize the money interests of the shareholders above everything else which created very opposing cultural values in the society. We all value our life, and we have to respect the lives of others. We have an economic system that incentivizes social progress with personal gain. Our work values are different than our values. The corporations give us provision, so we embrace the corporate value to make the most

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