Essay about Sister Mercedes : The 69 Art Museum Of Lithuanian Culture

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Johnson 1 The artist I selected from was Sister Mercedes because her artwork stood out to me and it more meaning than the other ones. Sister Mercedes was born Marija Mickevicius in Chicago. Marija Mickevicius study at Casimir Academy, DePaul University graduating with a Ph.B. degree. Later on she attended Rosary, Alverno, and Cardinal Stritch Colleges to study art. Sister Mercedes also, studied at the Catholic University in D.C and the Art institute of Chicago where she received her Master degree for Fine Arts in painting and drawing. In 1969 over 40 of Sister Mercedes art work was held at a major exhibit called the 69 Art Gallery. Her work has been shown across the country and to private collectors: The University Club of Chicago, The Ciurlionis Lithuanian Art Gallery, and the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture. Sister Mercedes continued her work until her death on October 1, 2007 in Chicago. Madonna and Child Blue is a religious piece of artwork. The painting shows the Virgin and a child with blue glass background and a white light over them. This painting is made out of casein which is a protein from cheese and milk, which is popular in Italian artwork. Sister Mercedes title of the painting has vivid understanding on what the artwork is trying to express. This painting Madonna and child Blue has a very vivid focal point which is the light that starts out dull and brightens up as it reaches Child Blue. That white light draws your attention to the middle of the…

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