Sir James Matthew Barrie 's Life Essay

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Sir James Matthew Barrie arrived into this world on May 9, 1860, in Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland as the ninth of ten children. His father, although poor, found moderate success as a hardworking small town weaver. James’ parents, not wanting their children to know poverty, instilled in their children the values of ambition, hard work, and a thirst for education. His father, David, grew up without many opportunities, and after having ten children of his own knew he had to give them more than he had. All ten of the intelligent Barrie children had opportunities and attended school in preparation for their careers. One of James’ brothers fell through the ice and drowned while skating at the age of fourteen. The death of his older brother profoundly affected his younger brother James’ character, both directly and indirectly by the effect such a tragedy had on their mother. After this tragedy his mother, Margaret Ogilvy, turned to James as her main comforter and supporter until she died twenty-eight years later (Barrie, Sir James Matthew 2006). His mother’s interest in art and literature greatly influenced Sir Barrie as a child. At the age of thirteen, Barrie attended Dumfries Academy in southwest Scotland. While there, Barrie gained a love of the theater. He acted in amateur theatricals and haunting the town’s old playhouse. After Dumfries Academy, James ventured to Edinburgh University. There he gained his M.A. degree in 1882. He then went to work for two years as a journalist…

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