Pancho Villa As A Villain

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13 Abril 2016
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa grew up in a very poor family and experienced the difficulties of life at a very young age. After losing his dad, Villa became the head of the household at only 15 years of age. Even though Villa was a fugitive and outlaw, he was still seen as a historical person due to the war tactics that he used during the time period. Villa was a national hero and a prominent figure to many Mexicans, he had become a runner of the law, a murderer convicted of shooting a man at the age of 16, a robber, and stole money. Pancho Villa was a revolutionary general that had led the northern forces as well.
When Villa was a little boy he would spend most of his time helping his parents with the farm they owned. After losing his father at the age of 15 he became the father figure receiving a whole new role of protecting his family. At only 16 years of age Pancho Villa committed his first crime. In attempt to protect his sister, Villa shot a man who was abusing and
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The most known wars that Villa was involved in was the Mexican revolution and the Northern Forces.Villa was convicted to death by Victoriano Huerta, Villa fled to the United States to later find out that Huerta was death. After Huertas assassination, in 1914 Villa returned to Mexico and formed a group a man known as the Division del Norte (The Division of the North). This group of men where a combination of Villa’s man and Venustiano Carranza. This lead both Villa and Carranza to enter “Mexico city as the victorious leaders of the revolution.” ( Using hit and run tactics Villa gained control of Northern Mexico with the help of The Division of the North. With many acknowledgements and impressive war tactics Villa received support from the United States due to President Woodrow Wilson mention that Villa could become a George Washington of

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