Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Research Paper

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Gabriel Bingei
March 4, 2013
Mrs. Marie Thompson
In this paper, every OPINION from someone else has been acknowledged in a parenthetical citation. I realize that the mere presence of a parenthetical citation does not avoid plagiarism. If I have used the exact words, phrases, clauses, or sentences of someone else, I have enclosed that information in quotation marks; but I have stated those opinions in my own words. I have also introduced the summary and used a parenthetical citation to acknowledge the source.

ALL FACTUAL INFORMATION (common knowledge or uncontested knowledge), though not credited with a parenthetical citation, has been stated in my sentence structure. I
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At his time in Hodder, the Franco-German War broke out. This event gave Doyle the chance to frequently daydream about the War during his studies, which bored him very much. When it was time to enter into the boarding school in StonyHurst College, Doyle did not do well in his Latin, Greek, and Algebra. One of the quotes Doyle later said about math and Latin, was “I can say with truth that my Latin and Greek… have been little use to me in life, and that my mathematics have been no use at all.” Even though, Doyle disliked these subjects, he was really good at reading and writing. Arthur said that his only times of happiness was when he wrote to his mother and when he played cricket. Because of his great skill in reading and writing, he would often be seen telling mysteries and action stories to boys his age that would surround him in a circle to listen. Discipline was one thing that was very strict in the Stony Hurst College. Because this college was also a Jesuit boarding school, if the religion was disrespected or if the boys did mischievous things, the boys would receive fierce punishment with what Doyle explains, “the instrument of correction, it was a piece of India-rubber of the shape and size of a thick boot sole…One blow of this instrument, delivered with intent, would cause the palm of the hand to swell up and change color.” Even though of this punishment, Doyle did even more mischievous things just to show that his spirit was

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