Bbc's Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem

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Adapted many times and having countless tumblrs dedicated to the tale, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem is the world's most treasured classic adventure. It comes as no surprise that BBC took the English tale and made it one of their own, but did their adaption, Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall, live up to the expectation? It comes with a change of century and characters that have been moulded into, what some would falsely criticise, entirely new beings. BBC's adaption is surprisingly new… and so much more complex.

Oil lamps and cobblestone roads. 1891 London was adorned with maidens and men quietly going about their lives, unlike the current day setting of BBC's adaption where the capital city is brought to life by hustling entrepreneurs and
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Why? Because he made the job, of course. Sherlock's personality could be pretty well summarised by the title he wears like a crown; it shows just how arrogant and autonomous he really is. BBC's Sherlock is blunt, rude, bored by the idiots he has to deal with daily, and finds amusement within other peoples' misfortunes. He is the complete opposite of the original writings of his character. Sir Conan Author Doyle's version of Sherlock is a much more simple and respectable person. Though both are highly intelligent beings, only BBC's Sherlock Holmes is a high-functioning sociopath. And because of this fascinating spin on classic literature's most famous character, there come all the effects of having a mild Antisocial Personality Disorder (or, simply put, ASPD). A lack of guilt and remorse, difficulty maintaining relationships with others and a shortage of empathy are just a few of the symptoms he displays. It's a wonder John Watson was able to stick by him. Nevertheless, Sherlock ever so slowly is able to create and maintain a friendship with John (even when caring for people is not one a priority) gives way to endless character development. Ultimately, something that was not given to readers in The Final Problem. It is much more effective, new to fiction in general and

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