Single Parents Families : Single Parent Family Essay

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Single Parents Families It is a worldwide problem for families to get split up and go their separate ways. It is also a worldwide problem that something dramatic may happen in a family 's life that creates a smaller family. No matter the case there are many families that have been broken and left as a single parent household, some with one child others with many children of different ages. For the Families everyone plays a role as a victim but for the kids they play the biggest role of victims, because they are the youngest and do not really know what it is like to have two parents at once like their friends and peers. In this Society the single parent lifestyle has been looked at as different and strange. While in fact children raised in a single parent home can have a similar if not the same lifestyle as one raised in a two-parent household.
Many feel that for the few children that grow up with one parent and end up going down the wrong path in life is because of the single parent lifestyle that had to go through. Many believe that the most prevalent causes of people growing up bad, comes within the family whether it be single parents raising a child or both parents raising the child. While others will focus on the bad that comes from the single parents lifestyle only because they feel that it is different and different is no good. Which raises the questions, does a child need both parents to succeed? Will a boy be less of a man because he…

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