Single Parent Households : The Difficulties Of Raising Children

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Single Parent Households vs Two Parent Households: The Difficulties of Raising Children
A single parent is defined as raising a child or children household without the presence of the other biological party. Single parenting includes single father families, as well as, single mother families. According to Justin Healy who wrote Single Parent families in 2013, Mother’s can’t teach a young man how to be a man and father’s can’t teach a young lady how to conduct herself as a woman. Putting single parent homes at a disadvantage because one parent can’t meet all the needs of a child or children and work full time. Single family home face other disadvantages, such as, low income level living, which results in a poor environment with negative influences. Meanwhile, raising children in a two parent household, there is more structure, both parents give to the child equally, there are two incomes, if not, there is always someone at home with the and one parent can go outside the home and work. The many challenges adults have to make on a daily basis is more stressful in a single parent household.
Living in a single parent household could be more detrimental then beneficial in some aspects that children can be missing depending on how the Mother herself was raised, and also he strength of her support system or lack thereof. In my opinion, a single mother can’t raise a young man to become a man. She can merely show to conduct himself , guide him, and teach him the do 's and…

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