Single Mothers Essay

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Uncovering what single mothers go through: altering life of children
Every individual experience a struggle or falls on hard times. Anyone who is having complications are in need of aid by anyone who could help. This could be commonly seen in today’s society because marriages in the United States are facing a major epidemic. Fifty percent of marriages in the United States have resulted in a divorce, on the other hand, there are multiple cases where the father may have left the mother and child to be abandoned. Since those causes have occurred, it has only been increasing over time. Most children who are raised by a single parent are raised by their mothers. Dawn discovers in her article of single mother statistics, that four out of ten
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Theses single mothers may be working, but there are cases in with a single mother are out of work. In this situation is when others begin to stereotype them. “Poor single mothers are accused in the media and public discourse of having additional children to increase their welfare checks, of having an excessive number of children, of being bad mothers, of being lazy and lack in a work ethic, and of being long term abusers of welfare”(Berrick;Polakow; Roberts; Salinger; @atl ). This is what others feel bout single mothers, though other parents lack the real logic behind it. This single have to make up the work that is done by two parents. It is true, there are lazy mothers or ones who have children just to get more money, although that is not the case for all people. For example, a mother was labeled as a bad mom because she did not help her kid with his homework. But what others don’t realize is that the mom has to work full time and an extra hour for the money. Children are not cheap, all the mother wants to do is provide and give her child the best. As you can see if this mother got the money from welfare, then maybe she could work less and spend it with her child. In addition, single mothers have a low income compared to two parents which can explain why single mothers could use welfare. In a household of two parents a child can live in a stable environment without complications. However, a single mother …show more content…
They should be seen as equals to all other children and not judged upon by their mothers living conditions. As mentioned before single mothers on welfare are being stereotyped but in addition to that even school districts did the same. Teacher’s main focus is to primarily be on the children and not whether their mothers are on welfare. If the child is struggling the teacher should not put blame all on the mother but they should help the child improve. In an article by (. ) says “schools- especially elementary schools- have high expectations of mothers, although the literature on school involvement points out that genderless term parent rather than the mother is usually mistaken” (301). The teacher is expected to be at parent-teacher conferences, respond to notes, volunteer on class, provide treats in class, etc. Single mothers may not have the time or the money to do all this on their own, now why should they be considered a bad mom is they can’t be involved like other moms. Teachers unconsciously view the mothers as part of the problem rather than recognizing the structural differences that contribute to social inequity and the visible work these mothers are doing to get their kids to school under hardship conditions(Griffith et Al).Now what if a household of two hard working parents who are too busy with work to attend, are they bad parents? Who is to

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