Single Gender Education Is The Method Of Supplying An Opportunity Of Schooling

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Single gender education is the method of supplying an opportunity of schooling where students of any gender attend classes in separate schools or classes. Research on the impact of single gender education has been occurring for quite some time. Studies are continuously being done to see the effects caused by separating children in school based on gender. Between the years of 1968 to 2013, the National Science Foundation funded an analysis of grades K through 12. There was a multitude of research methods that were used. 57 used a series of more forceful approaches, such as randomly placing students in either single sex or coed classes without giving the students a choice. Other methods used included looking at grades of students before and after they were placed in either class setting and comparing the difference, if any were found. There were 21 countries included in the study, with 1,663,662 students participating. Different areas of the lives of students were being studied as well, such as school subjects or their home lives (Pahlke). Although the results concluded weren’t proven beneficial, there have been studies to support the other side as well. The topic of single gender schooling is more complex than most people realize.
The discussions of single gender schools are known to be cyclical. Author Leonard Sax was one of the many people who took it upon himself to become proactive towards the subject (Dianne). He composed a book stocked full of examples of the impact…

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