Singapore Education Case Study

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Class: DIT/FT/1B/21
Group members: Aaron, Joshua, Colin, Yi Jack
Topic: Education INTRODUCTION
Singapore students lack the motivation and absence of interest in education to achieve their full potential.
The reason that there is an issue in Singapore’s education is because of the lack of opportunities to excel, the amount of homework given, students being too focused on academics and too much pressure from students.
First off, students do not have opportunities to pursue and excel in individual’s passion. In Singapore, most students focus on their academics and plan a future career out of it such as through the science industry to become a scientist or through mathematics to become an engineer. The problem with this is that a notable
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A student were to choose to study at Lasalle, college of the arts, an academic year would cost a Singaporean citizen S$19,000. Whereas, in Singapore poly, an academic year would cost a Singaporean citizen $2,628.11. This is an example of the cost difference in pursuing arts. This is one of the main reasons for the lack of interest the students have because most people cannot afford that much money for school and end up dropping taheir artistic talents and passions to comply with the cheaper price. This is also backed up from an interview we conducted with first year poly student

“With most kids having no (real) chance at sports when young due to a lack of time devoted to studying, the initiative has been handed over to the government to try and influence impressionable youngsters to take on sports, work hard, and maybe represent our country one day.” Says a Singaporean blogger. He then goes on talking about how this is caused by the lack of sports exposure in Singapore’s education
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Are students actually studying for the sake of their parents or because they are interested in what they are learning and are motivated for the right reason. “One student does his homework because he worries about his parents’ reaction; another wants to do well in school so he can pursue a particular path. Both are eternally motivated, but they are different in critical ways: One does his work out of fear, the other for a goal.” Adapted by K RANGA KHRISHAN on the August 18 2013. Indeed a person’s intention of learning affects what a student learns after all the education he/she has been through. Parents do emphasize on academics affects a child’s overall development, and decreases the chances of his/her long-term success. An article written by Daniel Wong said “Parents have high expectations of their children. Our society places a heavy emphasis on performance and achievement.” This will lead onto children not being able to achieve their full potential due to the demands of parents. K RANGA KHRISHAN also wrote “Students who are excessively controlled lose creativity and learn less well, especially when learning is complex or requires abstract, creative

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