The Hard Goodbye Film Analysis

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Frank Miller's Sin City: The Hard Goodbye tells the story of Marv, a psychotic, disfigured, ex-military killer living in a decadent and corrupt city. Marv is framed for the murder of beautiful prostitute Goldie, and feeling a connection with her though they only shared one night together, Marv goes on a search for her killer. Marv is both hunter and hunted as he traces the murder up through Sin City to a corrupt cardinal and a cannibalistic serial killer preying on the city's prostitutes. Marv ekes out retribution, though he pays for it in the electric chair.As the story begins, Marv wonders to himself why the angelic Goldie would agree to sleep with him. He doesn't want to ask any questions, though, and destroy the little piece of heaven he's found in the hell that is Sin City. He gets drunk with her, makes love with …show more content…
At times, the scenes change entirely to an effect in which the black and white areas are switched to produce a negative, cartoony look. These effects are presumably intended as artistic.t is evident that Sin City is an excellent example of a film that takes its source and follows it to the letter in a unique way that has not been done before. By allowing the original creator of the novel to be involved with the creation of the movie, the spirit of the novel is actually preserved and presented on the screen. The themes used in the novel are there and the characters presented are entirely accurate. The translation of the novel's characters to the screen is down to the finest details. It is factual that brushing through Miller’s work could cause the loss of a character in the

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